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The island bungalows receive visitors once in a while and may not be well equipped. It helps to bring:

- Enough cash, budget for a minimum 3000 VT per day for accommodation, food and island transport. Airfares and departure tax are extra. Always have some 1000 Vatu notes because you might not get change on local transport and in small island stores

You'll be traveling in the tropics so there are too many details to cover here. If this is your first time to travel unescorted off the beaten track then — this is where you will need this travel guide book to serve as your passport in your travel to explore our outer islands.

Responsible Travel tips

Responsible tourism simply means experiences that care about local communities and their culture, and environmental preservation. All holidays and experiences have a negative and positive impact, however make the most of your time in Vanuatu and experience authentic culture and village life. It is possible to visit the beautiful islands of Vanuatu and have a positive benefit on local families, communities and their environments through safe and considerate travelling.
Ni-Vanuatu people have limited access to share in the tourism industry, the Vanuatu Island Bungalows Association aims to address this by encouraging travellers to visit the outer islands of Vanuatu where most Ni-Vanuatu can participate through accommodation and tours in the islands off Efate. Due to the slow development of this industry in the outer islands there are many products not up to the standard enjoyed in a developed country, therefore this information is to provide travellers some advice when considering a trip to an outer island and to enjoy being responsible travellers. The key thing to remember is to support locals in their endeavors to enhance their tourism products, to behave responsibly and respectfully of local culture and customs. One of the most exciting things about outer island tourism in Vanuatu is being able to experience cultures that are different from your own, we hope this information makes it possible for you to avoid any upsets and to make the most of your experience.

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