The Espiritu Santo Aore Swim is an annual event held each year in June. It is part of the international ocean swimming calendar and is a challenging 2.6 km swim across the Segond Channel, from the main island of Santo to Aore Island.

The Espiritu Santo Aore swim though is much more than just a sporting event, but an exchange of goodwill between people of different cultures and countries. It is the interaction and involvement by the local Ni Vanuatu people that make the swim such a special day for all. The swimmers are touched by the support of the local men paddling along side them as they cross the deep waters. Hugs are exchanged at the finish line as a show of appreciation and thanks. For spectators it is a unique experience and the feeling of goodwill memorable.

The events also include the local community with a traditional Outrigger Canoe Race held on the day before. Local men, women and children compete to be the first to reach the crowd at Unity Park Santo. Participants from previous years have paddled their canoes all the way from Malekula to take part in the event. A category for canoes with traditional sails is included —the Espiritu Santo Aore Swim attracts swimmers and their families to Santo; they are surprised at the beauty and adventure of this unknown and unspoiled island and promise to return.

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