Your travel will be very dependent on Air Vanuatu domestic flights. The flights are quite reliable but some islands have only one or two flights a week and grass airstrips are the norm (only Whitegrass airport on Tanna have tarmac).

Travelling from Port Vila to Tafea Province

Air Vanuatu provides daily flight services to Tanna and with many connections to other islands in TAFEA province. Tanna's new airport at White Grass is actually an international airport but there are no overseas flights as yet. The airport is 10km north of Lenakel. A taxi into town costs around 1000 Vatu. A shared ride in the back of a truck, or maybe a minibus, is about 200 Vatu.

There are always a few vehicles from assorted bungalows and resorts to meet flights from Port Vila (for tourists who have booked airport transfers) and one of these might be going to the place you want to stay. Some of the airport transfers are fairly priced while for others the bungalow owner is making a profit on your transport. You can always ask, negotiate a fare and climb aboard. Public transport out of Lenakel is mostly in the back of a pickup and the roads are quite bad. On weekdays, market trucks go to Lenakel in the morning (around 0800H) and return in the afternoon (around 1400H onwards). The main stop for public transport is at the TAFEA Co-Operative complex at the Northern end of town. Man Tanna has reputation for overcharging green tourists so if the transport seems too expensive look for another truck.

If you're looking to travel by domestic shipping, the main port is at Lenakel. There’s a fast passenger boat called Fresh Cargo that irregularly visits Tanna.

There are two flights a week to Aneityum, tThe grass airstrip is on Inyeug Island. For those who wish to travel by ship, note that there are no regular shipping services to Aneityum.

There are two airstrips on Erromango: one in the northwest (Dillon's Bay) and another in the southeast (Ipota). Air Vanuatu flies to Erromango two or three times a week. Note that the Dillon's Bay airstrip may be closed if it's raining due to low cloud cover and/or wet conditions. There's only one road on Erromango, from Upongkor to the Dillon's Bay Airstrip, so most transport around Erromango is by speedboat or walking.

Futuna and Aniwa — Air Vanuatu operate two flights to Futuna & Aniwa every Tuesdays and Saturdays

For more details and to get the latest flight schedules , visit the Air Vanuatu website.

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