Tanna Island To really appreciate this island, especially Yasur Volcano, you can stay overnight on Tanna, but we really suggest at least 7 days is needed to experience and appreciate all the Custom, Culture and natural beauty Tanna has on offer. Mount Yasur Volcano. Tanna's #1 World Class attraction. Considered to be the safest and most easily accessed volcano in the world. We recommend when visiting the volcano to wear old clothes and sturdy footwear. Yasur volcano is quite small and tours will drop you within 5-6 minutes walk of the crater's lip. At night, guides provide torches and night time is, of course, the most spectacular for the fiery display of erupting lava. Whilst Yasur is considered very safe and is constantly monitored, it is a live volcano. There are no hand or safety rails. On some occasions, generally after particularly wet Wet seasons, the very lip of the main vent is closed to the public as lava rocks bigger than large automobiles spurt higher than the rim and may fall in unexpected places. It is, however, equally spectacular from a distance. The John Frum Cargo Cult. It's certainly an eye opener, seeing an entire culture base its belief system around the Gods living in the U.S.A. who are responsible for the 'magical' manufacturing of such goods as radios and jeeps, fridges and just about every other manufactured item that can not be fashioned from the jungle or the sea.

A Taste of Futuna on Tanna'Futuna Village' situated near Isangel, is a small community of families who have relocated to Tanna from the island of Futuna. They create handmade items, tools and mats in the distinctive Futunan style and they are now being made available to the public. Ask your accommodation providers or tour operators for more information. Items include authentic stone axes, shell necklaces and bangles, distinctive wood carvings of model dugout canoes and full sized walking sticks, woven mats, carry bags and skirts

Aneityum Island —Mystery Island - offers visitors a 'Robinson Crusoe' style gettaway which can be customised to your every need. Activities and places to go include:

Reef Snorkeling - Mystery Island is an atoll with expanses of calm waters protected from the Pacific Ocean by the outer reef. Depths vary from very shallow - 0.5M to approximately 6M in some areas. The waters surrounding the island are a marine sanctuary and therefore there are no fishing activities inside the outer reef. Consequently there are myriads of fish and mollusc species to be viewed and photographed. Beach Walking - Mystery Island is approximately 800 metres in length and approximately 70 metres wide. A leisurely stroll will see you walking around the island in about 1 hour and 40 minutes (depending on your level of relaxation, the number of photographs you stop to take, or the number of different views on offer that you wish to simply stop to enjoy and appreciate). Mystery Island Markets - when Cruise Liners visit Mystery Island for Day Visits, the Market Place springs into life with Stalls offering many locally made trinkets and Lobsters cooked right before your eyes. There are activities such as live String Bands, fish feeding, sail canoe rides and guided snorkeling adventures around various locations inside the reef. Swimming is safe for all ages in the lagoon which is not deep even at high tide. Outside the lagoon, the open waters are host to beautiful coral reefs. This is where guides on outrigger canoes will accompany you to view the vast reefs and many fish species.

Aniwa Island — Aniwa was the first island in the archipelago to have missionaries.Itcharo lagoon in the north of the island is surrounded by white beaches and coconut trees. Swimming is safe for all ages in the lagoon which is not deep even at high tide. Outside the lagoon, the open waters are host to beautiful coral reefs. This is where guides on outrigger canoes will accompany you to view the vast reefs and many fish species. From November to April each year you can witness Green and Hawk Nosed turtles laying eggs on the white sand beaches of the lagoon - guides are available on request to assist locating them. Because the people of the Isavai Village intend for you to enjoy a 'Robinson Crusoe' type visit, it is suggested you consider bringing the following provisions:

1. Torches. Kerosene lamps are available; however you may prefer using your own means of lighting after dark.
2. Basic food items. Cooking facilities (gas stove) is provided for your personal use. You must bring along most food items you wish to enjoy if you intend doing your own cooking, however, meals will be provided at your request if you prefer.

Erromango Island —Dillon's Bay (Unpongkor) offers a wide array of activities: Swimming / Canoeing / Snorkelling

Dillons Bay offers safe swimming havens in both the river and beach areas. There are traditional outrigger canoes available for hire with guided tours of the area also offered. Snorkelling gear is available for use either in the river, or along the coast where there are coral reefs and many fish species. Bushwalking, Erromango is known for its mountainous terrain, so for the adventurous, there age guided tours to historical sites dating to the 1820s which are marked by Monuments and Kauri Forest walks to view 1,000 year old Kauri trees. All hiking trips offer many photographic opportunities with many species of Orchids (both ground and tree), Wild Horses grazing, Butterflies and Flying Foxes. Some main activities includes:

  1. The Kauri Hike
  2. Coastal Bush Walk
  3. Cave of Skulls
  4. National Kauri Reserve
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