ROM Dance, AmbrymAir Vanuatu domestic does twice weekly flights from Port Vila and once a week from Luganville to Paama’s only airport. There are flights to Malekula almost every day and to Ambrym three times weekly. Please be sure to  reconfirm flight times at the Air Vanuatu Domestic agent in Port Vila and Luganville, or through your travel arrangements as flights may change.

Malekula has the most organised set up of accommodation providers in the province. Centrally located around the provincial town of Lakatoro, accommodation ranges from family owned guest houses to the more conventional self contained apartments. Like all provincial headquarters, accommodation is available through the provincial guest housing and can be organised through the provincial call centre. If you are visiting one of the cultural villages on an overnight trip, then you will most likely be hosted by one of the families in the village. Please be prepared to live simple, expect little and let yourself be surprised.
Other available accommodation for the 2 star traveller are:

If you are flying to Ambrym to do the volacano trek, there is a guest house near Craig Cove airport and another near Ranon to the north. If you do not want to stay on Ambrym then scenic helicopter volcano tours can also be arranged through local travel agent in Port Vila and Luganville.

For more details and to get the latest flight schedules , visit the Air Vanuatu website.

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