Southeast AmbrymCustom village tours on can be organised on all three islands, but the Malekula tours are a highlight for this province. You will be entertained by both the small and big nampas dances, sand drawing, and if you are lucky, witness some traditional magic.

Off the smaller outlying islands around Malekula’s northern tip and southern end (the Maskelyn islands) there are some superb fishing and snorkelling spots. As these areas are often off the radar, you can be sure to experience your own private underwater paradise knowing that you will be one of the very few who have seen it. Fishing trips can also be organised along Paama’s south eastern coast though permission must be sought from the village chiefs.

Volcano trekking on Ambrym can be organised from either through the Provincial Call centres or from the bungalows that you stay at. Both mountains rising about 1200m above sea level can be visited though the terrain is rough and good hiking gear needs to be carried as the trip often involves an overnight camp.

If “black magic” and traditional dancing take your fancy, stop over at one of the villages after the volcano trek and ask if you can watch some. Sand drawings – used throughout history to tell a story, can be seen at some of the villages, but please be sure to get the correct details of which villages from the call centre. Ambrym is also famous for its slit gongs or “tamtams” and you can be sure to run into some of these magnificently sculptured gongs throughout your Ambrym adventure.

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