Air Vanuatu is the only domestic airline offering regular services between islands, though there are a limited number of charter aircrafts.

There are two airstrips on Pentecost; Lonorore airstrip and Sara airstrip , Air Vanuatu does five flights per week to Lonorore and four flights per week to Sara. There are experiences where flights through Pentecost can be fully booked. This is because they service population and government centers at Sara and Longana.

There are several ships passing west Pentecost on the Vila-Santo route. The M/V Brisk is one of the most reliable. Good places to find a ship on Pentecost are Loltong , Bwatnapni , Melsisi and Ranwadi. There are roads connecting north and south Pentecost. However , trucks are expensive and there are no regular services. If you're walking along the road you may be offered a lift. Otherwise you'll have to pay the full charter.

Ambae has three airstrips; Walaha , Longana and Redcliff. Air Vanuatu offers weekly services to Walaha and Longana , whilst Redcliff airstrip has only one flight per week

There are one or two ships per week between Luganville and Ambae. Boat trip between Santo and Ambae takes about three to four hours but more than half a day can be spent servicing the villages around the island. The Simonsen Wharf in Luganville (past the big wharf , on the road towards the airport) is a good place in to find ships for Ambae. Ships also pass by Ambae on their return from Port Vila to Santo and stop at most places on the northeast and west of the island. Good places to find ships are Ndui Ndui in the west and Lolopuepue and Lolowai in the north.

Maewo has one airstrip , on the plateau above Naone village. There are two flights a week from Santo, via Ambae. The Sara airfield on north Pentecost is the best choice for travelling to Asanvari , by speedboat. Few ships visit Maewo and they do not run to any schedule. From south Maewo , you could cross over to Pentecost or Lolowai (Ambae) to find a ship —speedboats are used around south Maewo.

Land Transport —Maewo has only a few trucks and no regular public transport. If you want to travel by truck , expect to pay a full charter. The roads along west Maewo follow the flat coastal plains and the distances are not too long. Walking is a cost-saving alternative to trucks.

For discounted fares , tourists holding a return international Air Vanuatu ticket are entitled to a 20% discount on domestic fares , whilst for other international air ticket , tourist get only 10% discount on domestic fares. For more details and to get the latest flight schedules , visit the Air Vanuatu website.

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