If you are a nature buff then PENAMA Province is the place for you. Bush trecking, bird watching, and mountain climbing are among the provinces main attractions.

Trecking tours can be organised through the Provincial Call Centers, to the summit of Mt Manaro where lies Lake Vui on Ambae.

NAGOL – celebrating the yearly yam harvest on Pentecost’s south must be seen to be believed. Traditionally held between the months of April to June, Nagol or Land diving jumps can now be enjoyed year round. Tours can be arranged through inbound travel guides (see links) or by contacting the PENAMA call center. Throw in a few nights in one of the family owned bungalows and you can explore more of what Pentecost’s south coast has to offer!

If custom and tradition is your thing, then visit the northern tip of Pentecost.

River trekking, bird watching and other nature inspired activities can be enjoyed on Maewo. Tour arrangements need not be arranged before hand- just show up and a guide shouldn’t be hard to find. Please be reminded that you will be staying in very simple village settings so come prepared to be out of touch with civilisation.

For further information about day tours & overnight trips, you can contact PENAMA TOURISM COUNCIL:

Contact DetailsPENAMA Tourism Council
Name: Mr. Lesly MERA
Phone: +678 38348 OR Mobile: +678 5526026 | Email:

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