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Aneityum, a tropical island paradise

CLICK TO GET THE MAPAneityum, a tropical island paradise is Vanuatu's southernmost inhabited island. The interior is mountainous and covered with wet, dark forest. Along the coast, pine plantations contrast with coconut palms, white sand beaches and coral reefs.

Aneityum is a good island for walking; not too large and with a cooler climate. Mystery Island is all beaches and reefs and a popular cruise ship destination.

Aneityum's main source of income is tourism (cruise ships) followed by small scale logging of the pine plantations. If planning a private and quiet retreat to Mystery Island then check the cruise ship itineraries with the Vanuatu Tourism Office in Port Vila before setting out. There are very few other visitors and ample accommodation so you needn't worry about crowds at other times. Most visitors have Mystery Island to themselves. Aneityum is far from Port Vila and it's an expensive flight.

There are basically three choices for accommodation on Aneityum:

• Kenneth's Bungalows, Anelgauhat
• Mystery Island Bungalows, Mystery Island
• Miko Guesthouse, Anelgauhat

There are two flights per week to Aneityum. Check with Air Vanuatu domestic. The grass airstrip is on Inyeug Island (Mystery Island). There are no regular shipping services to Aneityum —the tourism project has a dedicated speed boat with transfers to and from the island free for guests (about 200 Vatu for non-guests or when travelling in other boats). Anelgauhat, in the south is Aneityum's main settlement. There are a couple of basic stores, telephones, and a medical dispensary. It's a good idea to have a warm shirt when visiting Aneityum and a light rain jacket in the cooler months (around August).

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