Vanuatu Islands Travel Info for Efate

Efate, more than Port Vila

CLICK TO GET THE MAPEfate is Vanuatu 's most developed island. Port Vila has fancy hotel and resort accommodation, golf courses, restaurants and bars, duty free shops, tour operators, banks, ATM machines, supermarkets, traffic, an international airport and needs no further description. Away from Port Vila and around the island are several new bungalows in the remote community villages and Efate offshore islands. Most of this island bungalows/village accommodation has entertained many visitors and are run by community leaders and or individual families.

Efate Island hosts Port Vila, capital of the republic of Vanuatu in the South Pacific between Fiji and Australia . Efate ’s mountainous interior is shrouded by thick rainforest, while alone the coasts are large coconut plantations with tropicalised cattle grazing beneath the palms. A 132-kilometer road circles Efate Island passing Havannah harbour between Lelepa and Moso Island . Emua Wharf has been upgraded and is where the small boats from Nguna and Pele disembark.

Getting around

Buses are cheap and abundant in Port Vila and can be stopped with a hand wave to pick you up. They also travel out of town and drivers act as unofficial tour guides on day trips to beaches and places of interest. The letter 'B' before the registration number designates a licensed bus. Drivers are friendly and helpful. In the city taxis are small cars with a 'T' on the number plate, and can be hailed anywhere. Privately owned mini buses are the most common form of transport in Port Vila and run unspecified routes through municipal areas. Public mini buses have a red ‘B’ on their number plate. As they do not have a fixed route, just flag one down and advise the driver where you would like to go. Be aware that if the bus is full when you get on board, you may be the last passenger tobe dropped off, however if time permits, buses can be an interesting way to see the town. Bus fares within the municipal area of Port Vila are 150VT per person, and start from 200VT to villages or areas outside of town, and exact change in most cases is required, for payment

Most outer islands have taxis which are marked by a red ‘T’ on their number plate and are usually 4WD open utilities. Taxis are plentiful in the capital of Port Vila but are more expensive than buses costing around 100VT per kilometre, however can present a more affordable option if travelling in a group. In Port Vila there is a set price of 1500VT from the airport to down town however outside of this, you should always negotiate a price with your driver before starting your journey. To access other parts of Efate , utilities are licensed to carry passengers and can be found at the Port Vila market. Port Vila has many fine restaurants, gambling casinos, golf courses, several scuba diving firms and a few night clubs and cafes, internet cafes and is the most beautiful and stylist South Pacific capital city, favoured by frequent cruise ship visits.

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