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CLICK TO GET THE MAPErromango is the largest island in Tafea, the southernmost province of Vanuatu. Its largest villages are Port Narvin and Dillon’s Bay (Upongkor). Erromango is largely unpopulated and undeveloped.

It was formerly known as Martyr's Island by the Presbyterian missionaries in the 19th century, because of the alleged risk of missionary activity there. Erromango today has only a few small villages along the coast. Upongkor village, eight kilometers south of Dillon's Bay airstrip, has the island's only guest house. The village is beautifully situated at the mouth of the Williams River facing Dillon's Bay.

Accommodation on Erromango is limited with only one bungalow and one guesthouse at Upongkor village (Dillon's Bay). Elsewhere, accommodation can be arranged in the village. There are two airstrips on Erromango, one in the Northwest (Dillon's Bay) and another in the Southeast (Ipota). There's only one road on Erromango, from Upongkor to the Dillon's Bay Airstrip, so most transport around Erromango is by speedboat or walking. A speedboat charter from Dillon's Bay to Pongkil Bay is about 5000 Vatu and to South River about 10,000 Vatu.

Dillon's Bay, Erromango — Upongkor (Dillon's Bay) is the largest of Erromango's villages. It has a few basic stores (that might be empty), telephones (that might not work), a water supply, generators and a medical dispensary. There are two places to stay at Dillon's Bay:

• Meteson's Guesthouse
• PWMU Guesthouse

Dillon's Bay itself is picturesque and, if you're lucky, you might see whales hanging about in the bay. Turtles and dolphins can also be seen around Erromango when traveling by boat —excursion(s) may invite you to see a Kauri Reserve in the Dillon's Bay area. It's about three hours walk away and the kastom fee. The Dillon's Bay airstrip is 9km by road from Upongkor. A truck charter costs 3000 Vatu or a shared ride is about 500 Vatu. Don't be surprised if the truck doesn't turn up to meet your flight or breaks down (be prepared to walk, about two and a half hours). The Dillon's Bay water supply is pumped from the river and may not be OK to drink (ask for rain water). In the mornings the supply tank is empty and it's common practice to fill a bucket or two in the afternoon. There's a community telephone at Dillon's Bay (88993). Fresh local bread can be bought at the stores.

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