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CLICK TO GET THE MAPAniwa is a raised coral atoll 24 km NE of Tanna Island in the Tafea Province. The highest point is only 42m above sea level. Most of the island's residents live in the south. Aniwa was the first island in the archipelago to have missionaries.

Itcharo lagoon in the north of the island is surrounded by white beaches and coconut trees. The lagoon has become a new addition to the Vanuatu Ocean Swim 2010 event. Long beach walks on the secluded lagoon are a feature of your stay on Aniwa - guides are available to point out plants, shells and fish indigenous to the island. They will also take you to the newly created Turtle Sanctuary.

Swimming is safe for all ages in the lagoon which is not deep even at high tide. Outside the lagoon, the open waters are host to beautiful coral reefs. This is where guides on outrigger canoes will accompany you to view the vast reefs and many fish species.

The lagoon provides a mesmerizing experience when snorkeling through colorful and rich coral gardens on the outer reefs —visitors to Aniwa won’t want to leave the tranquil crystal blue Itcharo lagoon as it highlights the entire bay, and watching the waves gently lap onto the white sandy beach neatly fringed with swaying coconut palms, becomes paradise.

From November to April each year you can witness Green and Hawk Nosed turtles laying eggs on the white sand beaches of the lagoon - guides are available on request to assist locating them. Coconut crabs also inhabit the west shoreline of the lagoon and again, guides will again assist you in hunting them down for a photograph or two.

Because the people of the Isavai Village intend for you to enjoy a 'Robinson Crusoe' type visit, it is suggested you consider bringing the following provisions:

1. Torches. Kerosene lamps are available; however you may prefer using your own means of lighting after dark.
2. Basic food items. Cooking facilities (gas stove) is provided for your personal use.

You must bring along most food items you wish to enjoy if you intend doing your own cooking, however, meals will be provided at your request if you prefer

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