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paama and Lopevi

CLICK TO GET THE MAPPaama Island is located a few km west of Lopevi volcano. Tavie airfield is one of the most spectacular in Vanuatu with one end overlooking the ocean and the other close up to a hill. Paama has a rugged and steep coastline which is frequently subjected to landslides. The waters surrounding the island are excellent fishing grounds.

Today majority of people living on Paama live in villages close to the coast of the island and make their gardens on the hillsides nearby. Agricultural produce is by and large for subsistence although some is exported for sale in Port Vila and Luganville.

Paama lies a short distance south of Ambrym, a little further east of Malekula, about 7 km west of Lopévi, and a short distance north of the island of Epi .

Accommodation on Paama is in village style bungalows. Typically these have a small restaurant operated by the bungalow owner with local foods. Visitors should consider bringing their ownbeverages and some extra tea, coffee, and sugar that can be left behind as a small gift.

You can't book these bungalows through an agent, you have to call them yourself or simply show up. You will pay the bungalow or guest house owner directly in Vatu.

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